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Hieronder een scan van de box art van mijn kits van auto's van Nederlandse coureurs:

Here you will find a scan of the box art of my kits of cars from Dutch drivers:


2000 Arrows A21 (MRM) Jos Verstappen To WIP

2001 Arrows A22 (Wolf Kits) Australia Jos Verstappen

2001 Arrows A22 High Wing (Wolf Kits) Monaco Jos Verstappen To WIP

2003 Minardi PS01 (Wolf Kits) Test Jos Verstappen

2003 Williams FW24 (Tamiya) Ho Pin Tung Test

2003 Minardi PS03 (Studio27) Jos Verstappen (Conversion)

2003 Minardi PS04 (Studio27) Jos Verstappen

2004 Minardi PS04 (Studio27) Test Patrick Huisman

2004 Jordan EJ14 (Wolf Kits) China Robert Doornbos Test

2005 Jordan EJ15 Test (Wolf Kits) Robert Doornbos

2005 Red Bull RB1 Test (E-Jan) Robert Doornbos

2005 Minardi PS05 (Red Five) Robert Doornbos Japanese decals

2005 Minardi PS05 (Red Five) Christian Albers

2006 Red Bull RB02 (Neko) Robert Doornbos + Superman decal

2006 Red Bull RB02 Superman (SCK) Robert Doornbos Monaco

2006 Midland MF16 (Studio27) Christian Albers (Conversion)


2006 Spyker MF1 M16 (Studio27) Christian Albers (Conversion) To WIP

2007 Spyker F8-VII (Studio27) Christian Albers

2007 Red Bull 3 (Studio27) Test Robert Doornbos

2007 Super Aguri SA07 (Fujimi conversion) Test Guido vd Garde

2008 Force India (Studio27) Test Guido vd Garde

2008 Renault R28 (Studio27) Barcelona Test Guido vd Garde

2010 Renault R30 (Monopost) Ho Pin Tung 3e rijder

2010 Force India VJM03 (Fujimi Conversion) Test Yelmer Buurman

2011 Red Bull RB7 conversion (Tamiya donor) + Studio27 decals

2011 Renault R31 (Fujimi Conversion) Ho Pin Tung

2013 Caterham CT03 (Fujimi Conversion) Guido vd Garde To WIP

2013 Sauber C31 (Fujimi) Test Robin Frijns 

2014 Toro Rosso STR9 Max Verstappen - Force India VJM07 donor (Dell Paling)

2014 Caterham CT05 Nose cone (Studio27) + Sauber C31 Donor (Fujimi) Test Robin Frijns

2015 Toro Rosso STR10 (Ebbro EMSF1 No. 015-4800) Max Verstappen conversion To WIP

2016 Toro Rosso STR11 (Ebbro EMSF-1 No. 015-4800) Max Verstappen conversion


2018 Red Bull RB14 (3D Printed) Max Verstappen To WIP

2019 Red Bull RB15 (Ku Che) Max Verstappen

2020 Red Bull RB16 (New Clutch / New Scratch 20F20N3323) Max Verstappen / Alexander Albon To WIP

2020 Mercedes W11 (New Scratch 20F20N4477RD14) Turkey conversion to Nyck de Vries test

2021 Red Bull RB16B (New Scratch / New Clutch / Wing Model 20F21N3311Rd16) Turkish GP Max Verstappen To WIP

2021 Red Bull RB16B Abu Dhabi (Wing Model 20F21N3311Rd22) To WIP