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De 'box art' van mijn kits betreffende wagens van Nederlandse coureurs:

The box art of my kits of cars from Dutch drivers:


1957 Maserati 250F Carel Godin de Beaufort (Bellini)

1959 Cooper T51 Carel Godin de Beaufort of Klaas 'Jimmy' Twisk (Race-Craft 20.01)


1966 Lotus BRM 25 (Tamiya 20044) Test Rob Slotemaker/Wim Loos

1967 Lotus 49 (Ebbro EMSF1 004-5800) Canada Eppie Wietzes

1974 Brabham BT42/44 (Studio27 FK20294) Canada Eppie Wietzes

1975 Ensign MN175 (Orange House 2030) France Gijs van Lennep

1975 Ensign MN175 (Orange House 2033) USA Roelof Wunderink To WIP

1976 Ensign MN175 (Orange House 2032) England Roelof Wunderink

1977 March 761 (Studio27 DX2042) Boy Hayje Conversion

1977 March 761 (Studio27 DX2043) Michael Bleekemolen Conversion To WIP

1977 March 761 (Orange House) Michael Bleekemolen Zandvoort conversion

1979 Lotus 79 (Tamiya 20061) Test Jan Lammers Conversion To WIP

1979 Shadow DN9B (Ace Models 20015) Belgium Jan Lammers Conversion

1979 Shadow DN9B (Ace Models 20012) Brazil Jan Lammers

1979 Shadow DN9B (Ace Models 20014) USA Jan Lammers

1979 McLaren M26 (Studio27 FK2091) Test Arie Luyendijk

1980 McLaren M29C (Studio27) Test Huub Rothengatter

1980 Ensign N180 (Ebbro 012-5800) Jan Lammers Conversion + Studio27 TK2067 Lotus 91 Transkit To WIP

1980 ATS D3 (Wolf Kits GP 20105) Argentina Jan Lammers Conversion To WIP

1981 ATS D4-DFV (1-Sapito) Long Beach: U.S.A. Jan Lammers To WIP

1984 Renault RE40 (Studio27 FK20198C) Jan Lammers Test

1985 Osella FA1G (Fujimi 090740) Huub Rothergatter Conversion To WIP

1986 Zakspeed 861 (Club M) Huub Rothengatter Conversion

1992 March CG911B (AMC 0016) + Lotus 107 donor (Tamiya 20037) Jan Lammers To WIP

1993 Footwork FA14 Test (AMC 0002) Jos Verstappen To WIP

1994 Benneton B194 (Studio27 FK20173) Jos Verstappen

1995 Simtek S951 Conversion (Studio27) San Marino Jos Verstappen

1995 Simtek S951 (Roll Out Models KH002) Monaco Jos Verstappen

1995 Footwork FA16 (AMC 0054) Test Jos Verstappen

1995 Benetton B195 (AMC Models 0027) Test Jos Verstappen

1995 Ligier JS41 (AMC 0028) Test Jos Verstappen

1995 Ligier JS41 (Academy CA136) Test Conversion Jos Verstappen

1996 Footwork FA17 (Wolf Kits) Early Version Jos Verstappen To WIP

1996 Footwork FA17 (Wolf Kits) Late Version Jos Verstappen

1997 Tyrrell 025 (Studio27 FK20263) Jos Verstappen

1997 Tyrrell 025 X-Wing (Studio27 FK20264) Jos Verstappen

1998 Benetton Playlife B198 (Studio27 FK2027) Test Jos Verstappen

1998 Stewart SF2 (Wolf Kits ) Jos Verstappen

1998 Minardi M198 (Modeler's 6205) Test Donny Crevels

1999 Arrows A20 (Modeler's 6211) Test Tom Coronel 


1999 Jordan J199 (Modeler's 6212) Test Jos Verstappen

1999 Honda RA099 (FSK Model) Test Jos Verstappen