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Hieronder een scan van de box art van mijn kits van auto's van een bepaald decennium.

Here you will find a scan of the box art of my kits of cars from a certain era.


2010 Ferrari F10 (MFH K-275) Turkey To WIP

2010 Ferrari F10 (MFH K-276) Germany Japan

2010 Ferrari F10 (Fujimi 091815) Italy

2011 Ferrari 150 Italia (MFH K-309) Great Britain To WIP

2011 Ferrari 150 Italia (MFH K-310) Japan

2011 Ferrari F150 (B.Model Works B2001) Australia

2011 Ferrari F150 Italia (Studio27 TK2046) Monaco + F150 Italia Donor (Fujimi 091617)

2012 Ferrari F2012 (Fujimi 091426) Malaysia To WIP

2012 Ferrari F2012 (Studio27 TK2049) Germany + F2012 Donor (Fujimi 091426)

2012 Ferrari F2012 (Studio27 TK2050) Japan + F2012 Donor (Fujimi 091426)

2013 Ferrari F138 (Fujimi 091761) China To WIP

2014 Ferrari F14-T (Model8) To WIP

2015 Ferrari SF15-T (Ebbro 014) Conversion To WIP

2016 Ferrari SF16-H (Ebbro 014) Belgium Conversion + Remodeling kit (Diald Model) To WIP


2017 Ferrari SF70-H (Tamiya 20068) Australia

2017 Ferrari SF70H (DTM) Monaco To WIP

2017 Ferrari SF70H (DTM) Hungary

2018 Ferrari SF71H (DTM) Australia (yellow tire markings)

2018 Ferrari SF71H (DTM) Monaco (purple tire markings)

2018 Ferrari SF71H (DTM) Canada into USA conversion (red tire markings) To WIP 

2019 Ferrari SF90 (Special Rally) Australia

2019 Ferrari SF90 (NewScratch 20F19N0516Rd14) Italy To WIP