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Hieronder een scan van de box art van mijn kits van auto's van een bepaald decennium.

Here you will find a scan of the box art of my kits of cars from a certain era.


2000 Ferrari F1-2000 (BBR PR12) Malaysia

2000 Ferrari F1-2000 (Studio27 FK2087) Australia

2000 Ferrari F1-2000 (Tamiya 20048) Fiorano Test conversion To WIP

2000 Ferrari F1-2000 (Tamiya 20048) Japan Conversion

2001 Ferrari F2001 (Studio27 FK2097) Australia

2001 Ferrari F2001 (Tamiya 20052) Monza (Black nose) Conversion

2001 Ferrari F2001 (Studio27 FK20103) Japan To WIP

2001 Ferrari F2001 (Studio27  FK20102) Monaco

2002 Ferrari F2001B (Tamiya 20052) Australia Conversion

2002 Ferrari F2002B (Studio27 FK20110) San Marino

2002 Ferrari F2002 (MFH K-194) Italy

2002 Ferrari F2002 (MFH K-193) French

2002 Ferrari F2002 (Studio27 FK20126) Japan

2003 Ferrari F2002 (Studio27 FK20140) 2003 Version Australia

 2003 Ferrari F2003-GA (MFH K-141) Japan

2003 Ferrari F2003-GA (MFH K-138) Spain

2003 Ferrari F2003-GA (MFH K-139) Monaco

2003 Ferrari F2003-GA (MFH K-140) Italy To WIP

2004 Ferrari F2004 (Red Five 001) Germany To WIP

2004 Ferrari F2004 (MFH K-150) San Marino

2004 Ferrari F2004 (MFH K-149) Italy

2004 Ferrari F2004 (MFH K-152) Belgium Japan

2004 Ferrari F2004 (Studio27 FR2003) Japan

2005 Ferrari F2004M (Studio27 FR2007) Australia To WIP

2005 Ferrari F2005 (Studio27 FR2009) Japan conversion to Bahrein Black nose tip To WIP

2005 Ferrari F2005 (MFH K-223) Brazil

2005 Ferrari F2005 (MFH K-223) China

2006 Ferrari 248 F1 (MFH K-160) French German

2006 Ferrari 248 F1 (MFH K-163) Brazil

2006 Ferrari 248 F1 (Studio27 FR2019) Japan To WIP

2007 Ferrari F2007 (Studio27 FR2026) Australia To WIP

2007 Ferrari F2007 (MFH K-187) Japan

2007 Ferrari F2007 (Fujimi 090481) Brazil

2007 Ferrari F2007 (MFH K-186) Spain

2008 Ferrari F2008 (Studio27 FR2027) Australia

2008 Ferrari F2008 (Studio27 FR2030) Hungary To WIP

 2008 Ferrari F2008 (MFH K-212) Brazil EU (=Spain) Japan

2008 Ferrari F2008 (MFH K-213) French Germany China

2008 Ferrari F2008 (MFH K-214) Belgium Bahrein

2009 Ferrari F60 (Studio27 FR2033) Australia To WIP

2009 Ferrari F60 (Tamiya 20059) JP Conversion

2009 Ferrari F60 (Tamiya 20059) Belgium Conversion (AMC)