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Hieronder een scan van de box art van mijn kits van auto's van een bepaald decennium.

Here you will find a scan of the box art of my kits of cars from a certain era.


1990 Ferrari 641 (Studio27) Brazil To WIP

1990 Ferrari 641/2 (F1-90) (Studio27)

 1990 Ferrari 642 (Fujimi) Conversion

 1991 Ferrari 642-2 (F1-91) (Fujimi) Conversion from F1-90

1991 Ferrari 643 (Studio27)

1992 Ferrari F92 A (Fujimi) Early Version

1992 Ferrari F92 AT (Modeler's) Late Version To WIP

1993 Ferrari F93A (Studio27) Japan

1993 Ferrari F93A (Dell Paling) Aus To WIP

1994 Ferrari 412 T1 (Studio27) Monaco To WIP

1994 Ferrari 412 T1 (Studio27) Brazil

1994 Ferrari 412 T1B (Studio27) Japan

1995 Ferrari 412 T2 (Studio27) Canada To WIP

1995 Ferrari 412 T2 (Studio27) Japan

1995 Ferrari 412 T2 (MFH) Italy

1996 Ferrari F310 (Studio27) Australia (Early Version)

1996 Ferrari F310 (Studio27) Japan (High Nose) To WIP

1996 Ferrari F310 (BBR) Monza

1997 Ferrari F310B (BBR) Australia

1997 Ferrari F310B (BBR) Canada

1997 Ferrari F310B (BBR) French 

1997 Ferrari F310B (Tamiya) Monaco Conversion

1997 Ferrari F310B (Tamiya) Japan Conversion To WIP

1998 Ferrari F300 (BBR) Argentina

1998 Ferrari F300 (BBR) San Marino

1998 Ferrari F300 (Studio27) Japan To WIP

1998 Ferrari F300 (Studio27) Italy

1998 Ferrari F300 (Studio27) Canada


1998 Ferrari F300 (Hobby Base + Tamiya) Test Fiorano conversion

1999 Ferrari F399 (Studio27) Australia

1999 Ferrari F399 (Studio27) Monaco

1999 Ferrari F399 (Studio27) Japan

1999 Ferrari F399 (Super Yellow) German

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