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Hieronder een scan van de box art van mijn kits van auto's van een bepaald decennium.

Here you will find a scan of the box art of my kits of cars from a certain era.


1961 Ferrari 156 (Revival) Belgium 120º engine To WIP

1961 Ferrari 156 Sharknose (MFH K-032) Italy 120º engine To WIP

1961 Ferrari 156 Sharknose (MFH K-034) Monaco 120º engine

1961 Ferrari 156 Sharknose (MFH K-054) Belgium 65º engine

1961 Ferrari 156 Sharknose (MFH K-055) French 65º engine

1964 Ferrari 158 (Revival) Germany To WIP

1964 Ferrari 158 NART (Revival) Mexico To WIP

1964 Ferrari 1512 NART (Fiotti Modelos) United States (Conversion)

1965 Ferrari 1512 (Fiotti Modelos) (Conversion)

1965 Ferrari 158 (Revival) Italy (wrong box art, not 1964) To WIP

1967 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-272) Monaco (Amon)

1967 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-272) Monaco (Bandini conversion) To WIP

1967 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-274) Italy United States To WIP

 1968 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-154) French To WIP

1968 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-154) Dutch

1968 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-154) Spain short nose conversion

1968 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-153) South Africa

1969 Ferrari 312 F1 Double High Wing Test (MFH K-158) Conversion To WIP

1969 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-157) South Africa To WIP

1969 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-155) Great Britain

1969 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-156) Monaco To WIP

1969 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-156) Spain

1969 Ferrari 312F1 (MFH K-158) French