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Alien Face Hugger

Blade Runner Spinner + Light Set (Fujimi)

Terminator T2 Judgement Day Aerial Hunter Killer (Pegasus) + Light Set

Star Wars C-3PO (Bandai) To WIP

Star Wars Slave 1 Boba Fett (Bandai) + Light Set

Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter (Bandai) + Light Set

Star Wars Clone Trooper Phase I (Bandai) To WIP

Star Wars Clone Trooper Phase II (Bandai) To WIP

Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper (Bandai) To WIP

Star Wars Sandtrooper (Bandai)

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper (Bandai) The Force Awakens To WIP

Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper (Bandai) The Rise of Skywalker To WIP

Star Wars Death Trooper (Bandai) Rogue One To WIP

Star Wars Shadow Stormtrooper (Bandai) To WIP

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner (Bandai) To WIP

Shore Trooper (Bandai kitno. 0210511) Rogue One To WIP

Boba Fett (Bandai) To WIP

Captain Phasma (Bandai) To WIP

General Grievous (Bandai) To WIP

Darth Vader (Bandai)

Kylo Ren (Bandai)

R2-D2 & BB-8 (Bandai) + Light Set

Alien Officer Kane (Polar Lights) + Light Set

Terminator T800 

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Mini (Bandai) To WIP


Star Wars First Order Tie Fighter Set Mini (Bandai)


Star Wars Tie Advanced & Tie Fighter Mini (Bandai)

Star Wars Death Star / Star Destroyer (Bandai)

Industria Mechanica - Hornetcopter